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What hair mod is it? I don’t remember seeing it in the one I’m using.

It’s HAIRSTYLE DAY, and it’s not a dazip mod. (Nothing against dazip mods, I just find them - ironically, as they’re supposed to be easier - tedious.) I also have DAO Anto Hairstyles which has a cute side ponytail I like.

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damn that hair though

I goddamn love this hair mod, default DAO hairstyles just make shudder a bit (not nearly as much as those helmets they call hair in ME1)

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[Companions] :: 01 - Cassandra Pentaghast

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I just looked up Bog Unicorn


I swear I’d still love it

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[Caption: Shout-out to all Kaidan and Ashley fans who don’t let their love for one character get in the way of appreciating the other, and who tirelessly keep standing up for and defending them again and again. Just knowing that you guys are out there makes it all worth it. You all rock!]

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