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wanna know what’s funny about transgender jokes?

Chicks with dicks, dudes with boobs?
That’s not the funny part.

The funniest part is

The fact we get up in the morning and get too scared to look in the mirror in case we get overwhelmed with dysphoria, OBSESSED with looking like the gender we are inside but irritated because we feel like we can’t, to the point where we hide from our own reflection.
The fact that we barely want to leave our house sometimes because we don’t want to answer the daily pestering questions. “Are you a boy or a girl?”
The fact that needing to use to the bathroom in a public place is like waking a sleeping dog.
The fact that we have to be ashamed of our own natural bodies and wonder why a God would ever do this to us.
The fact that your options are: coming out and swearing that you were born with the same sex as your gender, or locking it away and not telling a soul.
The fact that we have to hide from the world, one way or another, because people aren’t ready for the “diversity” we bring.
The fact that my friend thought ‘transgender’ meant I was born with no genitals.
The fact that I am notorious in my town, and I can’t walk out the door without being asked why I want to be a boy if I’m really a girl? Why I don’t just identify as lesbian and move on.
The fact that shower time equals to “put a towel over the mirror just so you don’t have to look at yourself” time.

The fact that sometimes, I feel okay. Sometimes I accept that my body is my body. That I was born like this. 
Sometimes I can respect myself, because I know that one day, I’ll become who I need to be. 
There’ll be no more questions. 
No more insults. 
No more misunderstanding. 
No more mis-pronoun-ing. 
No more suicidal thoughts. 
No more self loathing. 
No more of people looking at me like I’m some sort of freak. 
No more complicated relationships with people who can’t help putting someone’s body before their everything else. 
No more cutting. 
No more worries.

But as the day progresses, I remember that people already do look at me differently.
I remember that, if I ever fall in love, I’ll have to find someone who doesn’t care that I don’t have the “parts” to be a man- someone who can understand that I AM TWICE THE MAN as the guy who just told me that I’ll never be one, so why don’t I just give up?
I remember that I’ll never have kids of my own. 
I remember that having a sexual relationship will be near impossible for years to come. 
I remember that I’m too weak and feminine to fight. 
I remember that I am still my birth-name to every register I’m in.
I remember that I look twelve years old and I will still look twelve years old when I am 19.
I remember that I am PATHETIC without my masculinity. 
I remember that people will never understand how worthless I feel- how much i’d rather be anyone else.

wanna know what’s funny about transgender jokes?


"Trans Jokes"- Cody Woods (via immakinggingerbreadcookies)

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Horrifyingly, many girls said they believed that men cannot keep themselves from harassing or grabbing women, describing men as ‘unable to control their sexual desires.’ According to the report, ‘they perceived everyday harassment and abuse as normal male behavior, and as something to endure, ignore, or maneuver around.’
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Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Final Donation Drive


The actual Mass Effect Cast Cosplay event may have been last Saturday, but we’re having one last big donation push before we hand the funds over to St Jude.

We’ll be emptying the account on Saturday, April 20th. So if you’ve ever wanted to donate at all, now’s the time! We’re currently at roughly $10,000 in donations. Let’s see how much farther we can get in the next three days!

Also, as a huge thank you to three donors who gift at least $15, we have three limited edition, numbered, signed lithographs (signed by Bioware peeps, not by us). One of the Atlas mech from ME3, and two of the Arishok and Knight Commander Meredith from DA2.

Again, we’ll only be accepting donations through Saturday, April 20th. If you need to know how to donate, our website walks you through it at the bottom of the main page, and also be sure to check us out on our Facebook.

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Shepard: We’ll talk later, Kaidan.

Kaidan: I’d like that.

me: *giggles like an idiot*

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reblog if u feel spiritually connected with ur icon

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Yes. I believe that’s what being a Templar is about.

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