The Booty Inquisition

September 30 2014, 01:23 AM

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hoiist: I know you've gone to bed (well I hope you did) but I went on your blog and saw 'Mage rights' then though: what about biotic rights? Nyreen lets it slip that the turians look down on Biotics, how do you think Kaidan would react to that statement from Nyreen (or Nyreen in general) do you think Biotics took up peaceful protest when human and turians got biotic and in turn and treated them weapons/freaks ?

should be asleep, but that ‘preferences’ debate kept me up later than it should have and then I was just dicking around to cool my head.

You know, I was just thinking the same thing not too long after I wrote the Kaidan/Rahna prompt. 

I imagine there are some peaceful human biotic protests, but they probably don’t get a lot of coverage. Not when you’ve got the L2 extremists going after Chairman Burns and Major Kyle starting a biotic cult to focus the lens on. I can see there being turian protests, too - and the issue of biotics being a uniting factor between the two species. On both sides.

The sad thing is, it’s a vicious cycle. The peaceful protests don’t get coverage, angered biotics go off into the terminus, others join cults. They’re the ones that get pointed to and get the media spotlight. ‘Look at what those biotic freaks did.’ How sick of the line “You’re one of the good ones” does Kaidan get?

One thing I’ve integrated (but haven’t gotten to that part yet) in Crosshairs is L2 reparations and Conatix court proceedings. Even if they are private and no media are allowed for the military aspects of the hearings. I’ve got Kaidan running through the ringer on these, because despite the call for reparations for what they’ve done, it’s clear these institutions show no actual remorse.

Kaidan would not like Nyreen’s statement, but he wouldn’t be surprised. He’s not exactly new to discrimination or the ‘distaste’ he leaves in ‘regular’ peoples’ mouths. He might like Nyreen, though. They can both agree on one point: it’s funny that biotics are looked down on, yet are one of the most valued military assets with a high dollar investment into their training and equipment.

I’m gonna change that tagline.

September 30 2014, 01:02 AM

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eleneripenneth replied to your post: alistairsbum said:”Don’t you dare…

This is fantastic, and I really just want to shake this version of Rahna.

I just need to squish Kaidan to my chest now and pet his hair after writing that. 

I’m also considering having Rahna make an appearance in Crosshairs, as I based this story loosely on the idea that it might be the same Kaidan.

September 30 2014, 12:23 AM

avriellerogue: omg i love you. this story is my life

I’m gonna finish the rest of the prompts tomorrow because I’ve turned into a sleepy zombie and gotten into a friendly debate on facebook on why ‘skin color’ in regards to race and ‘hair length’ are absolutely not on equal footing in terms of preferences.

September 29 2014, 11:51 PM

alistairsbum: "Don't you dare touch me."

Rahna’s indifference shouldn’t have surprised him in the days following the incident, but it did. It stung, but not nearly as much as the relayed messages from mutual friends who’d taken her side over his that she was terrified of him. Almost as much as she had been of Vyrnnus.

That blow was hard, and it hit him right in his gut when Perry delivered the message in the hall right outside her room. She didn’t want to see him because he frightened her. Because he was a monster.

Maybe he was.

After all, wasn’t that the point of this whole station? Wasn’t that why they’d all been taken from their families? Hadn’t he just proved all the government men right?

That night he smashed his amp to pieces under the heel of his boot. He hadn’t chosen to be a biotic. He hadn’t chosen to be one of the ‘lucky few’ who survived exposure in utero. He hadn’t been the one to shove a military grade knife in his face.

Kaidan winced and squeezed his eyes shut, rolling over in his bed. The quietness of the station was maddening. His own guilt screaming at him and nothing to drown it out. No peace, no respite. Just a constant litany of all the ways he’d fucked up, backed up by accusing eyes and hushed whispers in the hall.

When he did finally fall asleep, he still found no relief.

The next day, he didn’t mean to bump into her. Didn’t mean to catch her arm as she nearly tripped from the impact. He hadn’t even really realized that it was her because she’d constantly been surrounded by their old crew every day since the incident. Not until she turned around and her eyes opened wide in fright.

She stumbled away from him and when he attempted to follow her, to apologize, to say something because every day it was eating him to not do something, she said, “Don’t you dare touch me.”

It would have been better if she’d spat it out. With venom and anger and betrayal. But that wasn’t her. And that’s when it really sunk home, what he’d done. What he’d become.

September 29 2014, 11:27 PM

Anonymous: (prompt) That's way too much alcohol.



Shepard leaned against the counter and waved the bartender down, pushing her empty cup forward once she had his attention. No words. She didn’t feel like talking, and dark, seedy bars were great for that. No one expected her to provide conversation or answer questions, and right now she needed that.

She needed to be left alone. Shutting herself inside her cabin had apparently served as a beacon that she was open for personal business and her terminal kept beeping, her omni-tool buzzing, and none to few had actually ventured to her doors.

Being alone in a crowd had been the best option.

The bartender refilled her drink, with only a slight quirk of his mandibles. Judging, but silently. She could deal with that.

The next refill, he simply said, “Your funeral.”

She scowled but didn’t drink. Not right away. Passing out would bring her back to the ship, where there would be questions and things she didn’t want to deal with. Not yet. 

"Of all the places I’d have thought to look for you, I would never have guessed here."

Shepard didn’t turn as Kaidan sat down on the stool next to her. Still not sure what to say to him, how to welcome him back to her crew. How to address the three years worth of silence that had built up between them. Horizon. The coup. Where they stood. If they stood anywhere.

"I’ve only been here about thirty minutes, and you’ve been ‘out’ for three hours, but that’s your fifth drink."

She scowled at her glass. 

"Look, Shepard. You don’t want to talk? That’s fine. I’ll talk for the both of us. But this?" For emphasis, he confiscated her drink. "This is way too much."

He downed it in a smooth gulp as she finally met his eyes.

Her own burned with the desire to shed tears, but she stifled it away. Except Kaidan could see. He could always see.

It wasn’t even them. Well, a little bit them. But so much more. The war. The toll. The number of friends she’d have to bury before the Reapers were gone. Before they could claim victory standing on the ashes of the fallen.

Kaidan’s drill sergeant expression melted away as she continued to look at him, fighting her own inner war. “You don’t need the bottom of a bottle, Shepard. You need this.”

He pulled her into his arms.


Your wish is my command.

The bottom of a bottle held an ineffable allure. Something you sought as you attempted to drown out sorrows, but once you had it, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t the right bottom. That one didn’t have the answers. And so you moved onto the next. Hoping, though statistically speaking this one wouldn’t have the answers either, that you’d find something. Something that wasn’t as empty as the bottle you held.

Simply seeking the drowning of sorrows had its own allure. Much easier to fulfil, as there was nothing sought but emptiness. But that emptiness wasn’t so easily won, as bottle after bottle served only to amplify the intensity of feelings. Never quite erasing them, or even taking the edge off. But that didn’t stop people from trying.

Kaidan’s arms, though… solid and reassuring. Warm. Anchoring.

He was right. It was what she needed, and she hadn’t known how badly she’d needed it until she had it. 

He’d come in guns blazing, ready to give her tough love, and had changed course after taking one look at her. Either she looked as broken as she felt or Kaidan was simply better at reading her than most people.

"It’s gonna be alright, Shepard," he murmured into her hair. She felt his voice against her cheek. A rumble in his neck that transferred from his body to hers through their skin. His voice was comforting, and she didn’t ever want him to stop talking. Not until the nightmares faded into the distance and some semblance of her composure returned.

She wanted to reply intelligently, but all she managed to muster was a half-grunt, half-sob that only served to tighten Alenko’s arms around her as he scooched their stools closer and practically pulled her into his lap. 

She suddenly regretted her venue of choice, wishing she was in her cabin away from prying eyes as another sob threatened to wrack her body and just like that, Kaidan was standing and guiding her away from the bar. Not back to the ship, but to a private room typically reserved for dancers. A quiet place, and as soon as the door was closed, the floodgates tore open and she broke down.

Only Kaidan’s arms anchoring her in the onslaught, but his presence was steady. More reliable than holding onto a buoy in the middle of a hurricane. Fingers gently running through her hair, mending emotional wounds as if his touch was medi-gel.

September 29 2014, 11:04 PM

Anonymous: f!shenko at the county fair

Shepard peered over the edge of the divider separating her and Kaidan. Or, more aptly, the shooters from the rest of the masses. He’d vanished from her side so fast she’d thought she’d imagined his company in the first place, until she saw him practically bouncing on his toes, impatiently waiting for his chance at ski ball.

Two feet above his head, a stern sign read, ‘NO BIOTICS’.

She watched him roll his shoulders as he readied the ball, craning on her tiptoes to see over the ledge. Then he abruptly turned, and she practically smacked her face on the board as she slammed back down on her heels and whirled around.

"Shepard, I know you’re there."

"Can’t prove anything, Alenko."

"I need you to hold my amp."

"What?" She turned back around and leaned upwards - and almost hit her face against his.

She was too surprised to back away and even more surprised when he rested his chin on her fingers while unplugging his amp. His lips dangerously close to her knuckles, and she could feel his breath on her skin.

"In case I do too well. Wouldn’t want to be accused of any wrongdoing.”

"Oh," she said, still staring at the two centimeter gap between his lips and her fingers, which closed to one centimeter when he spoke. "Right."

"And since I knew you’d be spying on me, I figured you wouldn’t mind."

"Of course not." He stood back up, and she snapped her eyes back onto his.

"So you don’t deny the spying."

"Hand the amp over, Alenko."

"Thanks," he said. His hand closed around hers, gently prying fingers open since she’d forgotten to do it herself, and depositing the fragile piece of tech. "Wish me luck?"

"Give ‘em hell."

For a moment, he lingered at the edge of the board separating them, his hand still on hers, before departing. At which point, she finally allowed herself to flush. She tried to dismiss the thoughts which bubbled in the back of her mind as she held one of the most precious things a biotic could ask another person to hold on their account - and attempted to not think of what that meant, either.

September 29 2014, 09:06 PM


Mᴀss Eғғᴇᴄᴛ ʙᴀᴄᴋɢʀᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴄᴏɴᴠᴇʀsᴀᴛɪᴏɴs

That is why, Serviceman Chung, we do not “eyeball it!” This is a weapon of mass destruction. You are not a cowboy shooting from the hip!

September 29 2014, 07:38 PM

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I have some errands to run, but I’m gonna finish the rest of these prompts tonight! These are all great! :)